Meet the team:

Something About - Lola + Pine from Something New Media on Vimeo.

Sean brings years of woodworking experience to Lola + Pine. He is both the muscle and the creative genius behind our gorgeous wood planters.

Kristina mans the inner-workings of Lola + Pine and the keeps the ship heading in the right direction.

Malori is the hype girl!

Together, we’re the dream team. We’ve been friends for over 15 years through school dances, countless road trips, singing terrible music in the car, and a brief period of long distance friendship followed by another brief period of living under the same roof.

We’re the best of friends with an eye for design and a love for nature. All of our wood is locally sourced and comes from trees that have been cleared for development. Rather than the wood going to waste, we are able to give it second life in our hand-cut faceted planters.